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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time Not Wasted

So many other things I could have been doing tonight...listening to the VP debate...reading that Oprah book...updating my blog (well I guess I AM doing that) ...watching a silly movie someone pressed on me ("What Planet are You From?")...but after a brief nap (still have a little jet lag issue) I am listening to NPR's pre-release streaming of Bob Dylan's latest official bootleg album, "Tell Tale Signs," lots of great recent old songs that are the perfect antidote to the campaign yammering and convincing me that in some deep way, Bob is a Taoist. That change and yin/yang thing, going on for 50 years. While listening, also reading an "Introduction to Chinese Philosophy" textbook I picked up in Hong Kong (I did do some shopping).  The concepts of Dao (Tao), Qi, yin/yang are easy to get while listening to "Born in Time."

"The soul of a nation is under the knife" (from "Dignity") ..and I think I picked the right diversions for the evening.