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Monday, May 27, 2013


My frequency of posting has diminished.  Only a full moon, a haircut, a holiday seem to push me to say something here.  I watched the kolea leave, on schedule, life pulses on.  If things had gone as planned, I would be just returning from China: two trips cancelled because of lack of participation, but I think I have nailed a solid opportunity to return to Wudang for an extended retreat in September. Not too far off.  The agenda will, I hope, include study of the I Ching, something of the core of Taoism.

A lot of traffic on Facebook and elsewhere, Tao discussion groups, where Lao Tzu memes pop up with regularity, pitting Tao traditionalists against new age newbies, wondering what IS the central key concept of Taoism.

I say it is change.  Nothing is permanent, detritus piles up.  Hanging on to the detritus is foolish, though it tells us something about ourselves.  Amongst the floor sweepings we find a pearl and a bit of silver;  a jade carving encased in gold.  Keep those, the lasting yin and yang.  The rest is trash.