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Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Back!

I saw a kolea yesterday, Aug. 21, so they are back from Alaska.  Perhaps I was spiritually with them because I have been preoccupied with planning my own return to Wudang (China) and while many thoughts and blog topics have been on my mind, I just haven't posted.   I get my best thinking done during my morning commute; I should have a dictaphone.  Since my car radio was stolen in January, I have been without the noise of talk shows, campaign ads, information from left and right, and it is refreshing and peaceful.  I look forward to the quiet and have come to be one with the traffic.  Here's a Taoist thought: it is foolish to regard the traffic, or as the French call it, la circulation, as something outside oneself.  You are not only IN the traffic, you ARE the traffic.  I suspect that is how the kolea get to Alaska.

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