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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Learning

Well, I want to edit my last post, being an editor, and I can't get in; only a previous version is editable.

SO here's notes from the editor:

I know it's Sppery Fioor.

And the airport bidet...if you can't read the instructions on the image: it's:
Equipment to cleansing the buttocks with warm water.
Stopping: Rear washing stopped.
Washing: Washing the rear.
Water pressuer adjustment:  "Pressuer" gives it a little French ambience.
Flushing sound:  Press to play back flushing sound to muffle toilet sound.  (Why?)
Extra deodrizing: Increased absorption strength for removing odors.

 I'm reposting this image here, hope it looks better...I think the international symbols for "buttocks washing" are beyond comment.  But come to think of it, this beats a Chinese squat toilet any day! Deodrized indeed!


sybil law said...

(I read the previous post, too!)
Amazingly enough, somehow I was googling along and read all about squatting toilets. It was a real eye opener! I can feel your pain! I am not sure, though, that your experience sounds much better!
Mrs Whipple made me crack up!
And then butt pictures are freaking hilarious!!!!

baroness radon said...

The world is very strange when you get beyond our borders..well, within our borders too. And don't forget that Sarah Palin only got a passport last year! D you think her first job should be a diplomatic mission to China?

holly said...

i totally love the butt drawing.

oh PLEASE won't someone send sarah palin to china.

one way.