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Monday, November 28, 2011

Butterfly Living

In the planning stages it was a dream.  Then we lived it. Now it seems like a dream again. If pictures are worth 1,000 words, here's something like 14K on our Thanksgiving holiday on Maui.
Our rental, The Hendrix House, secluded in the woods, was a former barn, nicely renovated by new owners.
Our yin-yang front yard; in 1970 Jimi Hendrix performed in the field just beyond the horses. You can see the surf line, from our altitude of  about 2,500 feet.  Still when you live at sea level, that's way up.  We call it "upcountry." (Haleakala, the mountain volcano the slopes of which we were on , is about 10,000 feet at its highest point.)

Like we needed to be told to slow down!

Blooming aloe in eucalyptus forest.

Walk on a country road.

Blooming protea, a Maui speciality, just off the road above.

Neighborly goat.

More neighbors.

A horse Thanksgiving.

Not a dream

Safe in the butterfly barn.

The Butterfly House

Lilikoi -- passion fruit--in bloom at the gate to the Hendrix House.

Pine and bamboo--Chinese symbol of winter. It was cold and windy up country, with gusts to 66 mph reported.


sybil law said...

Soooo jealous... but so happy that you got to stay there... and so grateful for the pictures you've shared!

baroness radon said...

If Jimi was there, it's entirely possible Dave Grohl's been there too!

YTSL said...

Maui looks idyllic in your photos! :)

baroness radon said...

Yes, it is. Hawaii has many ecosystems and, shall we say, economic zones. This is nothing like Waikiki or urban Honolulu or the remote areas of Kauai.

ordinary malaysian said...

Nice retreat. And some really nice pictures. Did you find your tao?

baroness radon said...

@ OM-- Yes it was nice. Find my Tao? What do you think?

ordinary malaysian said...

@baroness. Nothing. Just meant did you find yourself.

baroness radon said...

@OM--I was not lost, so nothing to find. But yes, the retreat to a beautiful peaceful place with undemanding friends was refreshing and restorative.