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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Have a Nice Moment!"

A Facebook friend recently said that when she posted a photo of a beautiful flower on her wall.  I have decided to start repeating it instead of the usual "Have a nice day," or even just "Have a day."

But moments are so fleeting.  Today I see I missed an eagerly anticipated one, as I observed TAO 61's odometer at 38 miles beyond total twoness.  I must remember to try to capture the 61st mile in my obsessive monitoring of my vintage roadster's cruise toward automotive immortality. 

Beyond Total Twoness

But  I did notice this morning a kolea with a vivid white stripe down its neck, the first sign of getting ready to fly to Alaska by the end of this month. Is it possible any of these birds have logged more than 222,222 frequent flyer miles in their annual migrations between Hawaii and Alaska; some have been documented to live for 20 years.  I wonder if they think of moments during their 50-hour trans-Pacific flights.  No, I'm sure they just fly with the flow.


sybil law said...

I am so aggravated with people right now - a nice moment is exactly what I need!

baroness radon said...

Have one, and then have a few more!