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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vernal Equinox, 2013

Plumeria reaching for the sun.
The equinox is one of two times in the year when yin and yang are in perfect balance, with yang about to increase until the summer solstice.  I feel this balance in my belly, to the extent that I barely need to talk about it.  The kolea are putting on their breeding plumage; the solutions to many vexing problems of the past few months are falling into place; tax forms delivered to the accountant; buds are reaching to the sky (not that they don't always do that in Hawaii).

Despite my May China pilgrimage plans falling through for the second time (people seem not to want to travel now, or are afraid of China, so we can't seem to get a group together), I am thoroughly enjoying my current round of Chinese painting classes.  Images are worth many words, so I just will update this equinox post with some recent images. Chinese paintings are "poems without words" as poems are "paintings wthout form." My calligraphy is not at a level where I can properly combine these, but I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy making them.
Enhanced and restored from a messy draft.

Homage to Li Keran
Another homage to Li Keran

Homage to Shen Zhou

Homage to my teacher.

Homage to Li Keran; the original of this sold for $51,000.

Homage to Fang Chuxiong.

Self portrait.

Classic image.

Homage to my teacher, but his lady is much less haughty.

Another restoration of a messy draft, inspired by visit to Cannon Beach, Or.
And here's a photo homage to my assistant, Lao Hu, the Yellow Emperor:

So, if I can't go to China, I can at least channel qi through my brush, Lao Hu willing. I'd like to use his tail, the way the monk did in "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring," but my calligraphy isn't good enough and I'm sure he would object.  See this fabulous film on youtube (for cat tail calligraphy start at 1:03:00):

And besides, it's only just spring.


Allan said...

Lovely paintings! Keep it up.

baroness radon said...

Xie xie, Allan.