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Saturday, April 17, 2010

L'Heure Bleue 108

It may mean nothing to you, but today is (Gregorian) day 108, a numerologically meaningful number to those of us who find it amusing to wake up at 11:11 or 1:23 or other interesting digital times.  After an afternoon of napping and cuddling under a blanket --it's been"cold" (~mid-60s to mid-70s) in Hawaii the past couple days-- I stepped out onto the lanai in the dusk to observe the crescent moon, a perfectly balanced upturned cup, poised directly over Venus (I presume it is Venus), in l'heure bleue.  That's also the name of a Guerlain perfume dating from 1912, a sample of which I just dabbed on my pulse points. Not my favorite (I'm an Angel girl, preferring patchouli over sandalwood), but perfume students need to understand and recognize the very classic Guerlains. Once I bought a bottle of Samsara, a more modern Guerlain, from 1989, and was soaking myself in it despite the fact that there was something in the drydown, precisely at 11 minutes, a fleeting odor of death and decay, that made me nauseous for just a moment.  I drenched my way to Hong Kong, drunk on it, spritzing in the bathroom at Narita, probably making everyone in the plane suffer needlessly. (They might have thought they were airsick.)  Arrived in HK, continuing my overindulgence, the Wizard observed as we sat in the back of a mini-bus, "There's a strong smell of urine in here."

I haven't been able to bring myself to wear the weirdly named Samsara since. And l'heure bleue is probably best enjoyed, visually, with a glass of cabernet on my lanai.


sybil law said...

The smell of urine! Ha! That's hilarious!!
My mom always loved Shalimar, which I am pretty sure is a Guerlain. Way too sweet for me. I stick with my Obsession (guys LOVE Obsession)- definitely love muskier scents, although I love Burberry, too.
Enjoy the Blue Hour. Lovely. :)

baroness radon said...

Shalimar, most familiar Guerlain. The new lighter one is nice, but Angel is still my fave. Try it: men will want to lick your neck. Although, because it's heavy on the patch, some people (probably women who don't want their man licking your neck) think it smells like bug repellant. (Which is what patchouli was originally used for.) Obsession is well named; I don't know what anyone was thinking with "Samsara." Oh I have a Burberry Brit Red, smells like rhubarb pie. I guess I like the sweet gourmands.

Kittie Howard said...

That's funny about the smell of urine. Great story. And, when you have a chance, please stop by mty blog as I have an award for you. Congrats!