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Friday, July 2, 2010

Pivotal Moment

Today is the point of the pivot on a fulcum of the year, Gregorian though it may many days behind as ahead.
Deng Ming-dao points out that this day, at least in an odd-numbered year, is the center. (Even numbered years --that is a 366-day Leap-Year-- have no center.) It provides a moment of perfect balance.  And how nice to have a long weekend to start of the shift to the second half of the year. Hope you enjoy yours!

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sybil law said...

See? I seriously learn things here every time I visit!
I love the idea of a perfect balance day. It has been, so far, too. That is, unless I go out with some friends tonight. I'm pretty sure I'll be off kilter later if I drink enough. ;)
Happy 4th!