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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maui Memories

Had a wonderful catch-up visit with my dear friend-astrologer-painter on Maui this weekend. We talked a lot, watched a lot of movies, ate a lot of delicious food, talked, walked on the beach, talked, got sunburned, drank a lot of gin and tequila, talked. A perfect two-girl weekend. Did I mention we talked...a lot?

Although I had a hard time getting back home to Oahu from the rock -- a whole 'nother sordid story, details to be found over on the yin side, about the completely gross customer dis-service provided by the pesky upstart airline, Go!--my moments there were, as always, precious. And due to my cancelled red-eye return flight, we were able to talk, drink and eat some more. Easy for me, (I only had to cancel a doctor's appointment I had the next morning) but I felt sorry for the honeymooning tourist couple who had checked out of their hotel and returned their rental car. Left on their own, the airline did absolutely nothing to compensate them for the taxi ride and return to a hotel, accomplished at their own expense.

I share these images for your contemplation. But I recommend, if you go to Maui, don't go Go! Go Hawaiian. (Please be assured, I do not work for or nor am I compensated in any way by Hawaiian Airlines.)
Looking northwest from Kihei, to West Maui and Molokai

Beached Blue Boat

West Maui from East Maui

Red Flowering Tree, Blue Sky

Koi Pond at a Shopping Center


baroness radon said...

Deleted Chinese Spam comment:

"You can not determine the length of life, but you can control its width."

Whatever that means.

sybil law said...

I love the deleted comment, but I am seething with jealousy over your trip, crappy travel aside!!

baroness radon said...

Deleted Chinese spam of the day:
"Poverty tries friends."
To say nothing of spam.
I'm going to have to install word verification.