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Monday, February 7, 2011


Driving home from my Chinese painting class in the driving rain, thinking about the inevitability of change to come with the new Rabbit Year energy, changes I want, changes I might dread, this came up on my iPod. I didn't even know it was there...was it Wilson Pickett? Someone solo with Booker T. and the MGs? Sam and Dave? I couldn't even be sure of the decade. I repeated it about 10 times and finally recognized Taj Mahal...from 43 years ago.

I think the iPod on shuffle is a great metaphor for fate and destiny. When you hit that shuffle command, your fate is pretty much set. It looks random, but really there is an unknown but unchangable path set like fate through your music library. You can walk back through the shuffle and see the "random" selections frozen in time. But, reset it and you can change your destiny any time.

If only life had such an easy reset feature. In any case, "Everybody's Got to Change Sometime."


Brandon said...

Life does have an easy reset button like that. Every passing moment we can choose something different. There is no momentum, only memory.

*all theoretical knowledge at this point, of course and unfortunately.

Brandon said...

I meant to add: I'm digging the tunes, that guy's good!

baroness radon said...

Yeah, I love Taj. I've seen him from time to time in Hawaii--he has lived here.

And of course you are right, but there are some things -- fate -- that can't be changed. I cannot change who I am, where I've been, and the things that that add up to bring me where I am now. (The shuffle you can walk back trhough, the songs that were played in a certain order.) But yes, of course, I can reset the destiny.
You just have to be careful about it. At a certain age, the choices are a little narrower.

The musings of an old fart (who came of age with some great music) tossed off late at night after hearing a great song and thinking about some challenges of my day.

sybil law said...

SUCH an awesome tune! I had a great Taj Mahal tee shirt that I got at a thrift store eons ago, and then some ex boyfriend took it. I miss that shirt.
I'm a huge fan of Booker T and the MG's, too - so it was funny that you put it in there. :)

Other than that, nothing deep or philosophical to say tonight. (As if I ever do! Ha!)