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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Painting Class

One for the teacher:
And one for me:
Little Landscape
The magnolia has a seal on it because I "turned it in" as an assignment.  I never would have chosen to paint it myself.  When I finished the floral exercise, I did a quick little ink landscape out of my own head and through my mountain horse brush, but the teacher pretty much ignored it.

I was happy when I got home to find in the mail an album of paintings by Shen Zhou, a Ming Dynasty painter whose work I admire and which I actually copied some of a while back.
My Shen Zhou Copy #1
My Shen Zhou Copy  #2
I was working from a tiny print in a little illustrated volume of the Tao Te Ching, more interesting for the pictures than the translation, unless you really like James Legge's version; I can never decide whether to shelve it with my art books or with my other Tao Te Chings. (Or maybe it's not the source of my models; now that I look at it, I don't see these paintings in it, but there is an awful lot of other nice inspirational art reproduced therein. It would be a very nice gift for a Tao-inclined or Sinophiliac friend.) The Shen Zhou album, direct from Beijing, is a much larger format so I can study the brush strokes more closely. new teacher has admonished me not to copy (a completely proper tradition in learning brush painting)...except when it's her paintings.  The magnolia is based--albeit somewhat loosely--on one of hers.


sybil law said...

Gorgeous - all of them!
Your teacher has a bit of an ego, I'd say...

baroness radon said...

I probably do too....
Thanks for looking, as usual.

How are YOU?

YTSL said...

Hi baroness radon --

I wonder if your teacher is the right one for you... Perhaps you should try to find another?

baroness radon said...

@YTSL--You may be right. But I have signed on for a proper academic semester. I am learning some lessons, but not quite what I expected or hoped for. The master-student relationship is almost like a marriage. I am hoping my former teacher will return for at least one farewell session. Anyway, there are many resources on the I have lots of albums and instruction manuals. Perhaps it is true: when the student is ready, the right teacher will appear.

Anonymous said...


I love your paintings.
I'm building a site about Chinese martial arts and I would love to place one of your paintings as a background for my site. Would that be OK? Of course I'd be happy to link to your blog, too. The site is at (English version coming soon)

baroness radon said...

Aloha TBJ,

Thank you for your interest and confidence. Which painting are you interested in? If you are on Facebook, I can show you others. I have no problem if you wish to use an image, but of course, would explicitly retain copyright and insist that the painting itself not be used to generate income without a mutual agreement.

Also I would be happy to link to your blog and you may to mine. (You may have noticed there are two.)