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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Orb in the Morning

Since Tuesday's full moon, I've been watching it closely, feeling a definite shift in my personal idea why. Yesterday morning, after the big rain, it was clear enough to still be in the sky in the morning.
Wednesday Morning
Last night I dragged the Wizard out to see the moonrise, one of those huge bright kind, but no picture taking; my nighttime photos of the moon mostly look what a deer sees when she is suddenly stopped in the road by an oncoming car at night. But the morning...
Waning Gibbous in the Morning
Can you see the big orb, not a quasi-spiritual digital aberration of my camera, but the real moon setting over the mountains?  I noticed it when I got up in the morning chill --it was, gasp, 60 degrees in my bedroom this morning.  It's all relative anyway.  My coffee chilled while I ran up to the 12th floor elevator area to take this photo; the trees were obscuring the view from my own lanai.
Getting close and lucky.
I wonder how many moons will pass before TAO 61 achieves twoness.  The odometer looks like a lucky omen, anyway.  Lucky I drive Hawaii.


sybil law said...

I've seen the moon a LOT in the morning - late-ish morning too, actually. But none as gorgeous as your picture!

Brandon said...

Always loved watching the moon. Was amazed when hiking around out west to see the crescent moon in the sky at 1 PM, the low humidity allows for it, even though the sun was high and bright and less than a hand's width away. That doesn't happen in the more humid East that I've always lived in; when I remarked to fellow travellers on it, who were Western folk, they thought nothing of it, but I was amazed.

I don't go in for astrology, but the moon is my sign's "planet" so that's kind of interesting.