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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hermits and Friends

Sometimes I like to leave my little solitary retreat and venture down the hill.  All the things I like to do alone are precious:  contemplation and meditation, painting, reading and writing. (Notwithstanding some interludes with Korean drama.) I can become quite the hermit when I have the opportunity.

But down around the corner is my friend.  We make tea and conversation,  share medicine and cookies, laugh and tell stories, reminisce and make plans.

But eventually, I return to my hermitage, my solitary silent mind, to think and then not-think, to sleep, and rise again for another day.


sybil law said...

Fellow hermit here, so I definitely get it!
It's funny how people who know me think I'm so social. They just don't get that yes, I CAN be very social, but only because I've spent so much time being a hermit that I finally crave other people.
Then I go right back to hermit mode.

baroness radon said...

Of course, I also like to play god! Hence the little landscapes. I did notice that the bridge from the hermitage was sort of backwards, the rail should be on the outside; I have since rearranged that.

I think people who cannot "go hermit" are just as pitiful as those who cannot be social. Although the older I get, the more eremetic I get.

baroness radon said...
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