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Friday, November 16, 2012

November Oregon Holiday

Like Hawaii, but different.
Felt like the Big Island, except it was 41 degrees and the mauka side was pine forest and snow.

One of the several off-shore rocks.

Crowded beach.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Seals take sanctuary here.

Our lodging with koi pond and peculiar bronze Indian statue.

From our balcony, the Indian appeared to be peeing into the stream.

We did NOT eat here.

Carousel of wondrous creatures in Seaside.  We did see a deer in someone's yard in the middle of Astoria.  I thought it was a statue until it ran across the street.


YTSL said...

Hi baroness radon --

The seaside photos are great! Re the pig and pancake place -- have to admit that I love French Toast with a side of bacon (as well as fruit)! ;b

baroness radon said...

There were Pig'n' Pancakes all over the place, the local version of IHOP I think. We actually had a breakfast where I had eggs benedict with fried oysters -- I was eating a LOT of oysters -- and my husband had pesto eggs. it was a sauce...but for all intents and purposes, was green eggs and ham!

Cym said...

Great pictures. I especially like the 4th and 5th pictures down of Cannon Beach. Very nice.

baroness radon said...

Thanks Cym. The place was so lovely, it would be hard to take a bad photo! Our timing was good; I'm told they are having flood warnings now, lots of rain.

tao1776 said...

I walked through a large drainage pipe near Medford that ran under I-5. Listening to the whir of traffic overhead I thought I should at least cross over the line into CA. I didn't. But I did make it over to Spirit Lake in Idaho and ate some wonderfully prepared sweet and sour Elk meatballs.