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Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog as Diary

One of my blog-o-pals has been threatening from time to time to delete her blog and start over, and in this sluggish dog-day period of August I have sometimes had the same urge, though I resist it; it seems vaguely suicidal. And today I'm glad I haven't done it. There's useful information there.

Yesterday I was at my doctor, the one who does lady-health things, and the question "Have you had a colonoscopy?" came up. I have! Why he didn't know puzzled me. But he is part of a different health care system, so the records were not so easily accessible (a whole 'nother issue).

"Within the past two years, maybe three...I think," I assured him. Though I wasn't completely sure myself. "Do I need another?" Fortunately, no, only if they found things previously; otherwise I'm good for 10 years out.

But when was it? I did recall that I wrote about it, over on My Yin Side (a colonoscopy has a yin quality, dark and hidden things) and there is the post: March, 26, 2009. My memory, and my blog, served me well. I suppose I could put it on my calendar for later, if I had a 2019 calendar. Oh wait, I can put it on my online version, which I never use. Or on my phone, which I do; I have it set so that a crowing cock announces upcoming events. Sometimes I wonder why a chicken is "singing" in the office or in my bag, only to realize it's my phone alerting me to something I have tried to forget.

In any case, I would have gladly scheduled another colo-check if necessary; a good friend is coming to O'ahu next month for her own. We could have done it together. A sort of spa day. It would have been fun. Now we'll just have to go shopping.


YTSL said...

Hi Baroness Radon --

Interesting thoughts re your blog as diary. I wouldn't say that my blog is a diary but it certainly does help me remember certain events and occasions. Maybe a series of group letter or a number of connected notes to myself? Hmmm... have to think some more re what my blog is besides, well, a blog! :b

sybil law said...

Uh, what does one shop for for a colonoscopy?!
I haven't had one. That's probably bad, health -wise, but I did just turn 40. Shit. I don't want one.

baroness radon said...

@YTSL--I think of it as a personal journal that I share. There are things I have "logged" that I probably would have forgotten about if I hadn't written them in some detail. In this case, it was useful.

@Sybil--Colo-shopping...I really meant afterwards, bu tmy first thought is TP and Wet-ones. You're not old enough for a colo yet, but when the time comes, it's no big deal, really. The drugs are nice.

Kittie Howard said...

I hadn't thought about linking back to one's blog as if a mini diary - but how true! Posts are influenced by so much we do.

We're back from holidasy -Italy, Austria and Hungary - can't believe the trip that wouldn't come is over *sighs* - anyway, trying to get back into the groove - some curve balls: the earthquake, the hurricane breathing down our necks - but our goddaughter called from Honolulu (there on business) - ahhh, the Aloha Spirit warms hearts!

baroness radon said...

Sending more Aloha your way, Kittie. Glad your home from holiday, no matter how exciting. Take care in these stormy hours!

Erica said...

Glad you are home safely. I can say that my blog is my diary. It is where my thoughts are placed when no one wants to listen.

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