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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Early

Yesterday, 8/8, a double eight day. I spotted the first kolea of the season, looking a little confused, standing in the middle of the street. It surely is a returning one; I haven't seen one in the area since well before I left for China, last April. Checking my records, last year I noted the first bird's return on August 17, and even then it seemed a bit early. It's been such a strange summer, with weather, travel, world events, change...maybe my bird's return on 8/8 means things will settle down.

But probably not.


sybil law said...

"Settle down" - do things ever really settle down? Gah - not around here, anyway!

baroness radon said...

Whenever my cousins and I were rambunctious, we would always be told to "Settle!" Still hasn't worked. But sometimes there are moment of relative calm and stability. It never lasts. I saw the kolea again last night, and a friend has confirmed a sighting, so I know they are REALLY back.

Life is just like a snow globe.