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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My State of Happiness

Before we moved to Hawaii (for a job), I never wanted to come here. I am still a little bemused by tourists who wander, awestruck, about Waikiki and Maui; the tourist experience is not the same as actually living in "paradise." But living here does have its pleasures.  Where else could you have a simple weekend in a setting like this (our last Thanksgiving in Hana, Maui)? (Click image to see in GREAT detail.)

And so this state of happiness was confirmed by a survey which rates Hawaii, this year anyway, as the happiest state in the nation in which to live. Could it be the climate? The food? The people? The distance from the other 49? It's a tough economy, schools have a bad rep, and jobs--well, work is work, no matter where you go. According to the survey:
The well-being score for each state is an average of six sub-categories, including: life evaluation (self-evaluation about your present life situation and anticipated one in five years); emotional health; work environment (such as job satisfaction); physical health; healthy behavior; basic access (access to healthcare, a doctor, a safe place to exercise and walk, as well as community satisfaction).
Well, we do have good health care, and an environment that makes it possible to maintain and enjoy good health. The economy is another matter. It's happy state if you have a source of income: for most of us that means a job.

There is a saying here: "Lucky you live Hawaii."  And I might add, "Lucky you work Hawaii." To which I now must go.


The Crow said...

Paradise is in the eye of the beholder.
I live in what might well be seen as a paradise, too, albeit a temperate, raincoast sort of paradise.
Marred, as usual, by the ne'er do wells, politics, pettiness and a lack of work.
It's what you make of it.
I am more fortunate than many :)

sybil law said...

What I wouldn't do to be in Happy Hawaii right now! Wait - give me one more week of snow, and THEN I'd cut a bitch for some Happy Hawaii! :)

The Rambling Taoist said...

I bet it has something to do with the abundant sunshine. Most humans seem to enjoy it. Like The Crow, I live on a raincoast too (just a bit south of him). Too much sun tends to get me down, so my paradise is wherever it rains a lot and being near the ocean sure doesn't hurt! :)

Kittie Howard said...

I totally understood your post. Living in 'paradise' both soothes and frustrates. Both defy translation. And the parade of tourists along Kalahala is a world unto itself. Loved your photo of Chinaman's Hat!

baroness radon said...

Actually, that's not Chinaman's Hat (which is windward O'ahu), it is on Maui, a little east of Hana.

And RT--the Wizard actually prefers the rainy. overcast climate. He says the sun "hurts" his skin. He has Nordic genes.