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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Auspicious Post

I notice, revisiting my most recent post about packing, that it is the 108th I have made here on the Yang Side of TAO 61.  If that isn't auspicious for setting off on my China trip, I don't know what is!

Picked up some omiyage to carry with me -- some red Hawaiian salt, koa bookmarks, some charged collectible Starbuck's cards from Hawaii -- and all I have to do yet is hem a pair of pants, which I will do while watching the second part of 14 Blades,  Donnie Yen's latest movie which should put me in a mood to visit the Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Ranch and Lychee Nut Farm, where the Wizard seems to think I am going.  He's not far off.

Got a new battery for the watch I bought on the way there, two-and-half-years ago, in the Swatch store in Incheon.  I never much wore a watch before that, but it seemed like a good thing to have while traveling.  Now I feel naked without this basic analog, big-numbered, black and white dial, black leather-strapped watch, whose battery failed last week.  It's got a big vivid display I can see even without my glasses and the strap has acquired a lovely complex fragrance from the various perfumes I dab on my pulse points. New battery installed, it's ticking now, counting down the hours until I leave...and it gets reset to Beijing time...real soon now.


sybil law said...

Have a fantastic time on your trip!! Be safe, and all that jazz. :)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Obviously, the significance of 108 is lost on me.

Anonymous said...
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