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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Testing, Testing

Testing ability of new iPad for posting. Wanted to not have to carry laptop. A little slow on 3G but that probably won't work in China anyway. Keyboard not bad. But seems that I have to use HTML option to enter post text. (But the pad spell-checker is great.) And don't have--yet--a camera connector so may not be able to post photos.

We'll just have to wait and see. I wanted this thing for travel, but failed to get the first shipment, wifi-only version had sold out. Would the 3G arrive in time? It did! A short wait in a line at store opening bell, very efficient and energetic, I got satisfaction!

I have always believed, tried to act as-if, at least, if you go with the flow, without anxiety, things work out. Someone told me I might be disappointed if I could't get my new toy. I had pretty much assumed I wouldn't. But now I'll never know if my attitude was actually well adjusted.


Kittie Howard said...

Your post hit home. We're going to Italy/Greece this summ for six weeks. Am looking at an HP netbook but would have to get a wifi card. I tried the iPad screen and felt squeezed. But iPad has that beautiful wifi. Oh, sigh.

baroness radon said...

Well, I'm very Mac-oriented, (although I have a Samsung Instinct phone, but wish I had abandoned my Sprint contract for an iPhone...I'm sure I will eventually.) I did the post on the iPad, though I'm on my laptop now, and it was pretty easy. A new meaning for "touch-typing." Although if you like long fingernails it might be annoying. The apps are great, easy to use, I've had it for 36 hours and I'm in love. Now my beloved MacBook Pro seems obsolete. Built-in wifi is good; 3G is a little slow, but adequate, certainly for travel.

Have a great trip to the Mediterranean. Funny how we build in technology requirements for a vacation?

sybil law said...

Yeah - most things end up working out in the end, whether you like the result or not, but time's wasted on worry.
That said, I try to plan for the worst, so I am rarely disappointed. :)

baroness radon said...

I try not to "plan for the worst" but I do try to not have expectations.

So I have no expectations about how I will be blogging out of China. If you don't hear from me in real can EXPECT some major retrospectives on my return!

Kittie Howard said...

Lots of positive thoughts heading your way for a great trip! I'm excited for you. Thanks for the beautiful comment about your kitty. She loved you dearly, for sure. For our trip I ended up getting an HP netbook. Comcast comes Thurs. to WiFi the house. Anyway, lots of hugs, blog if you can (if not, the experience trumps; we'll wait), Aloha!