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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 12

Well, actually yesterday was the Twelfth Day of Christmas, a point I make every year, that the twelve days of Christmas are the dozen AFTER Dec. 25, not before.  Marketing and sales people like the run-up; I prefer the run-down. I did not need to explain this to the Christmas cactus; their internal clocks work quite well.
Christmas Angel
Lao Hu, the Yellow Emperor,  is not happy that we will be taking away his little piece of nature a little early this year.   I would never take the tree out before Epiphany, but it really is dry and droopy. Still, it has given much pleasure to cats and humans over the past month.  The cats gaze at the lights, hide under the branches.

Christmas Devil


Kittie Howard said...

I think I'm in love with Lau Hu. Our Chester loved to bite the wires, so we had a half-lit tree plugged in only when we were in the room. However, Chester was one of those Siamese who loved to discuss world events, was a peace-kitty who thought mice were his friends, and could stare at a doodle bug hole for hours. God, but we miss our Chester. It's nice that you kept your tree up for your kitty.

Happy New Year!!!

baroness radon said...

Aloha Kittie,
Happy New Year to you too! Lao Hu has had a lot of environmental stress in his life the past several months...but he has adapted quite well.

sybil law said...

Awwww - he is so cute!!
Happy New Year!

YTSL said...

Twelve days of Christmas... kinda like the fifteen days of Chinese New Year. Traditionally, were there designated days of Christmas for particular things/activities along the Chinese New Year lines? In any event, I can see how these (entire) periods would have been super special in days of yore.

Cym said...

Love your cat. Great pose. His eyes match the tree.