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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost in the Cloud

This is how disasters happen I guess, not that this is much of one.  In the blink of an eye, the click of a "cancel", or was it an "okay",  I have inadvertently obliterated my bookshelf gadget here, where all of the books I have read over the past two or three years were chronologically listed, not for anyone else's benefit really, but more for a measure of my own study and entertainment, a personal diary of my reading. (Although, I was actually editing the list to add a new book, in the interest of promoting it, like another of which I recently read with more than a little personal interest.)

On the other hand, this is a little lesson in what is important. This list was not.  The deletion happened as I was about to add my first new book of the new year, and I probably will ("What I Read in 2012").  But was the list for my benefit (I still have the books on my shelves) or was it really to show other people?  You are what you read; this is me.  See how well read I am? You should read these books, too.  It would be like listing everything I've eaten in the past year. I am what I eat.  See how well fed I am.  Eat like me.

I just wonder where it went.  Can you recover things from the cloud?  (If someone knows how to do this, please let me know.) Or did I just free up some space on a server. I feel certain if it were a list of subversive contacts or activities, it would be out there in some NSA file to haunt me.  But does anyone care about my reading list but me?

Ah, all is not lost!  Search "recover blogger gadget" and the magic of "cached" is revealed. My list IS out there in the cloud, fortunately not too subversive.  Now safely saved as a Word file, for personal edification, I can refer to it whenever I want, and start the 2012 list afresh.  (Too much trouble to rebuild the history in the blog gadget, though.)  Lesson learned: no panic, no loss.  And nothing really ever disappears, it is just transformed (or hidden).  


Cym said...

I was going to suggest the solution, but good to see you found it on your own. Blogging does seem to breed some very bizarre OCD habits, nowhere else do I feel so obsessively compelled to keep public lists of everything I read, eat, exercise, think about, dream about, that it gives a whole new appreciation to the concept of less is more.

I love books though, and always do appreciate a good book recommendation, so nothing wrong with that. You never know what may be commonplace and well known to you, may be a rare life changing find for someone else. So it's good to share, just have to find a balance between too much and too little...the blogger's dilemma.

baroness radon said...

Thanks for your concern! And of my long list, the new "Don't Joke on the Stairs" and "Man Seeks God", with which I actually concluded 2011, are my most recent recommendations.

I am indeed an old fart, but I do manage to figure things out. How to recover my lost lists, how to set my all-region DVD player. If it can be done, and it's important to me, I can generally do it.

sybil law said...

Oooh! I'm glad you recovered it! Most things are not completely gone, that much I know about damn near all computers.
I kind of like the list idea - it just kind of appeals to me, too. Plus, many times I pick up a book and only remember pages into it that I've read it before. I fly through books, and tend to read in batches, so I forget the titles!

baroness radon said...

And of course I have a long list of movie and video titles on my Yin really does help me remember them. You know, I recall a plot line or an actor or a scene...only by reviewing the list can I remember just which movie it was. I should probably back that one off and archive it and start fresh too.