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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Bad Day Gone Good

You never how the day's gonna go. After starting out the work day in one of those rock-and-hard place political situations where you later are ashamed to have actually blown up at someone, things just kept getting better! After helping the consultant to do his job, feeling a smug little triumph, I came home to find in the mail: 1) a letter urging me to claim some stocks that my father left me which I thought had melted down with the rest of the economy; 2) some tickets to Honolulu's Phoenix Dance Chamber's August performance, Legacy of the Phoenix, a celebration of 20 years of Chinese Dance in Hawaii, and 3) a kind referral on Hong Kong Blogs Review of --my blog! Well,the last wasn't really in the mail, but it felt like special delivery. I appreciate any visits generated by this referral and in some way of thanks I humbly post one of my recent Chinese paintings. Finally a bamboo that my teacher said was acceptable.

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