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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Development with Chinese Characteristics

As we were bussed back to our hotel in Hangzhou, after a lovely dinner (where the menu included "arrogant" chicken, was it elegant or cocky?),  I was struck by the contrast of the classical charms of the city -- tea culture, practice of calligraphy and painting, the pleasures of the West Lake-- with the commercial development that makes Western cities look a little behind the times.

What the hell is that?  The triumph of development!

As we left Hangzhou the next morning,  the suburban skyline looked less China than Central European fairy tale.  I was assured that those were relocated farmers' houses, lavish homes, like condos.

Reconciling this with the Hangzhou of my fantasy was just another lesson of the Tao, co-existing dreams.
My Private Hangzhou

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