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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Floor Scrubbing/Smooth Sailing

Not one to really get into floor scrubbing, being the world's most indifferent housekeeper (in my house, floor-scrubbing is on a par with remodeling), I finally succumbed to the really necessary task. The floor was sticky. I highly recommend the made for TV scrubbie especially since I could not find a proper rag mop or even a sponge. Actually there was a sponge mop in the closet, but so old it bio-degraded just as I put it into the Spic and Span solution.

I could do better...there are a few spots that could use a down and dirty massage with a Brillo pad, but I'm not a down-on-my-knees kind of girl, especially when it comes to housekeeping. I throw a few bowls of hot soapy water around the floor, and with the efficient TV-scrubbie/squeegie...eventually, everything comes clean...enough. Gou le. Ca suffit. A few final swish/swashes with the TV mop/squeegie and a half roll of paper towels to sop up all the muddy water...not perfect, but not too bad.

As Guan Yin advised me, smooth sailing!


The Rambling Taoist said...

I don't "do" the kitchen floor very often, but, when I feel compelled to clean it, I suppose I'm a "down-on-my-knees kind of" guy!! :-D

baroness radon said...

Oooohhh.."down on the knees" is kind of a kinky reference. Whatevah!

baroness radon said...

Sun Bin never could have got down on his knees!

sybil law said...

Aaaah, but the floor looks and feels better, right?!
Happy 2011!!!

(The spider you mentioned in the last post - oh holy hell, not sure I could deal with those things...)


Down to the knees and floor will be better cleaned. Better use Phenyl and good liquid antiseptic instead soap.

I clean my room once in a week in that way :-)