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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter in Hawaii

It was a dark and stormy night. The cats gravitated, sinking in heavily, to the mink blanket. I replaced my flip flops with my 30-year-old sheepskin slippers. I drank some Scotch (not really a tropical tipple, except on a dark and stormy night) for a levitating effect. I thought about people who are here for a warm winter holiday. Sixty degrees at night with hard rain and wind seems dreadful to me, but for the folks from Atlanta or Boston, I'm sure it is just wonderful. Not quite what they were planning, but wonderful. They're probably enjoying their mai tais.

The weather is slowing down my thinking, I feel like hibernating with the cats, under the mink blanket. Driving home in the driving rain was a challenge, though with a recently replaced timing belt and new oil pump I wasn't too worried about road trouble. (TAO 61 has made 213,000 miles; if she were human we wouldn't have financed such an organ transplant, but I think she is immortal. I used to call her Emma; now I call her Sun Buer, which sounds a little like my maiden name.) I turned on the heater. It still works. I think I used it last year about this time.

I post this ramble mostly to move the focus on the Tuscon shooting down a notch; it was bothering me to see that first thing when I log on to my own site.

The white Christmas cactus is blooming. A little yang to offset the day's yin.
Stay warm and dry, everyone, no matter where you are.


The Rambling Taoist said...

We've received over 5.5" of rain in the last 36 hours and loads more is on the way. I just love rain. :-)

baroness radon said...

From Atlantic to Pacific, it's all one big winter storm, no?

sybil law said...

The high here is 20 something. Low 20's. Yep - I'd gladly take the 60 degree weather and rain!!