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Friday, August 28, 2009

Power Play

Came home tonight to a power outage. I fully realized the impact after I waited excessively long for the elevator...had to walk up 10 floors. No big deal, I should do this every day, I am way out of shape. (I miss stair climbing in Wudang.)

Although my neighbors were complaining, I find real pleasure in power outages. It is SO quiet. I hear little but the birds, the air moving, no 60 cycle hum in the background. I can hear traffic off in the distance, but I can tell it is distant. A nice time to meditate. The sunset view off my lanai was nice...I must have hundreds of images of this particular view. I wish when I moved into this apartment I had taken a photo of every sunset every day, a sort of discipline.

So, meditating. Which I SORTA did for a while. But when I went to the kitchen to refresh my whiskey & water (lots of old Taoists drink, read the poetry, it's not just about the tea) I noticed that my digital toaster was on. The power was back. Quel dommage, I think sometimes I prefer the dumb grid to the smart one.

But with power back, I can blog!

(And, please go to my blog entry of 7/26/09 which I just completed tonight.)

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sybil law said...

I can easily handle a few hours of a power outage, but our power was out last year for 5 days, and though I tried to keep my cool, on the inside I was homicidal and crying. I do not make a good Laura Ingalls.
Glad your power was restored! Now you have ice for those drinks. :)